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Last Modified: July 16 2014 
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Quality Management Tools
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In order to promote provincial safe transfusion practice in BC, the PBCO and their transfusion medicine partners develop provincially standardized, optimal practice guidelines and training/assessment tools for BC Transfusion Medicine clinical and laboratory services.

Transfusion Medicine Related

A set of transfusion laboratory services process flow charts with all procedures associated with each process. Includes training and competence assessment modules.

Documents have been posted on the TraQ website. Clicking on the title will take you to the appropriate location.
This manual presents optimal Transfusion Medicine practice guidelines for all levels of physicians responsible for Transfusion Medicine services in BC.

Other PBCO tools developed to support safety and quality in Transfusion Medicine

This set of documents were created to assist BC hospitals as they developed their own process for informed consent for blood and blood products.
The focus of this educational tool is nurses and physicians involved in transfusion practices. The intent of the tool is to teach these individuals how to provide a safe transfusion environment, how to recognize when an unusual event occurs, and how to respond if such events occur.
A resource intended to help British Columbia physicians appreciate the risks associated with blood and blood products, to support the informed consent process with their patients, and to aid physicians in making appropriate therapeutic decisions related to the use of blood and blood products.
This manual outlines the overarching policies that define the intent of a laboratory to deliver services through a Quality Management System.

It was created by a provincial working group of PBCO and laboratory quality professionals from Health Authorities. Members came from both public and private laboratories.
This manual has been posted on the TraQ website. Please click on the manual name to go to the correct location.
This report describes the purpose, approach, and tools that were developed in this project, as well as feedback and recommendations from multiple stakeholder groups during the implementation of new blood bags as CBS changed to the Buffy Coat Production system for blood and blood components in British Columbia and Yukon.

These tools, issues and recommendations were incorporated into the CBS action plan(s) as Buffy Coat Production was implemented in other provinces.
This tool was developed to meet the needs of clinical and technical staff who needed to learn how to insert spikes into the ports of the buffy coat production products.
Job Aid: Interpretation of D and Weak D Results This job aid was developed to assist with the interpretation of D and Weak D results.  For a detailed explanation of this job aid, see Explanation of Job Aid: Interpretation of D and Weak D Results