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Last Modified: August 1 2014 
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Intended to help physicians appreciate the risks associated with blood and blood products, to support the informed consent process with their patients, and to aid them in making appropriate therapeutic decisions.

A guide to the PBCO’s original IVIG Utilization Management Program. Includes background on IVIG supply and cost, adverse reactions to IVIG and monographs on the efficacy of IVIG in various specialties.

Transfusion Medicine Technical Operations Manual

A set of transfusion laboratory services process flow charts with all procedures associated with each process. Includes training and competence assessment modules. 

This manual presents optimal Transfusion Medicine practice guidelines for all levels of physicians responsible for Transfusion Medicine services in British Columbia. TMAG (Transfusion Medicine Advisory Group) released the First Edition in 2007. Sections 4 and 7 were revised January 1, 2009.

This manual outlines the overarching policies that define the intent of a laboratory to deliver services through a Quality Management System.

It was created by a provincial working group of PBCO and laboratory quality professionals from Health Authorities. Members came from both public and private laboratories.

This manual has been posted on the TraQ website. Please click on the manual name to be taken to the correct location.