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Last Modified: July 16 2014 
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About the BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office
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The BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO) promotes the delivery of safe, effective, and efficient transfusion services throughout British Columbia. Established in 1997, the office serves as a medium for communication and consultation on provincial blood issues, provides a forum for blood policy planning and program implementation, and supports the needs of hospital blood banks in BC.

The PBCO also hosts the TraQ Program website, which provides links to current blood-related resources in Canada and abroad.

The PBCO is distinct from Canadian Blood Services. Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization whose sole mission is to manage the blood and blood product supply for Canadians. CBS collects 850,000 units of blood annually and processes it into the components and products that are administered to thousands of patients each year. CBS screens every donor and tests each unit of blood and blood product collected for a variety of transmissible diseases. CBS also ensures that transfusion medicine research and development remains on the cutting edge.

What We Do
Areas of focus include:

blood utilization management – the PBCO encourages appropriate use of blood and blood products so that waste is minimized and patient outcomes are improved. More about utilization management…

quality management – the PBCO develops educational material and tools to standardize transfusion-related processes throughout BC. More about quality management…

information management – the PBCO manages the Central Transfusion Registry (CTR) a confidential database detailing the disposition of all blood and blood products in BC and the Yukon. More about the CTR…

Organizational Structure
The PBCO is a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA). The PBCO is led by a Provincial Director and a Medical Director, who report to the PHSA’s Vice President of Clinical and Support Services. The PBCO also maintains a strong collaborative relationship with the BC Ministry of Health.

The PBCO is advised by the Transfusion Medicine Advisory Group, the Technical Resource Group and the Nursing Resource Group.