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A key principle of the BC Blood Contingency Plan is that blood inventory transparency is essential in a shortage. Decision makers need to know what inventory is available in the province, regardless of whether it is at Canadian Blood Services or hospitals. To this end the BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO) has collaborated with health authorities to implement the Transparent Blood Inventory System (TBI).

TBI 2.0 is a near real-time inventory application in which hospitals in BC and Yukon electronically submit their blood product inventory to the application on an hourly basis. Canadian Blood Services participates by submitting their red blood cell and platelet inventory once per day based on the daily inventory count at midnight. TBI 2.0 consists of three dashboards: Emergency Management, Summary and Detail Dashboards. The Emergency Management Dashboard is visible to all members of the BC Emergency Blood Management Committee and is used during a potential or actual contingency. Data is included from the top utilization hospitals and hospitals strategically located in the event of a contingency. The Summary and Detail Dashboards are visible only to authorized personnel in the health authorities and can be accessed to view information about Canadian Blood Services inventory, health authority inventory and individual hospital inventory. The partnership between health authorities, Canadian Blood Services and the PBCO enables near real-time transparent inventory information to be easily accessed in the event of a contingency.