The BC IVIg Neuromuscular (NM) Neurology Program provides support for the appropriate use of IVIG through the provision of clinical guidance and consultation to support physicians across the province in clinical management of adult patients (over 18) with conditions where IVIG therapy is being considered.


The BC IVIg Neuromuscular Neurology Program's objectives include:

• Reducing the growth of IVIg utilization for neuromuscular neurological conditions through expert leadership and guidance from NM specialists through a Review Panel

• Supporting education for health care professionals in the province on optimal care planning for neuromuscular patients receiving IVIg treatment

• Ensuring IVIg use in neuromuscular neurology conditions meets provincial IVIg directives

• Ensuring minimum effective dosing of IVIg is used

• Ensuring positive clinical outcomes are demonstrated


IVIg Request How-To's for ordering physicians

New NM IVIg requests

Renewal NM IVIg requests


Please find below a quick reference guide for the review process. For more information regarding the conditions and processes, please refer to the IVIg Neuromuscular Neurology program's Main Algorithm.


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  UM.IVIG.0036 V1.2 IVIG-for-Neuromuscular-Neurology-Conditions