The following poster presentations were presented by the PBCO:

2021 CSTM

Blood Product Request Portal

Enhancing Ig Utilization Management in BC throught patient centered care and evidence based analysis

2019 Quality Form

Yes, we have an App for that!

Primary Immunodeficiency Disease

2018 ISBT BC Primary Immune Deficiency Working Group - Promoting Appropriate and Evidence-based Use of Immune Globulin
2017 Quality Forum Developing a New Data Portal
2017 CSTM Development of a Provincial Adverse Reaction Reporting Tool
Developing a New Transfusion Medicine Data Portal
2016 CSTM A Stimulation Approach to Platelets Contingency Planning and Inventory Management
Real Time Inventory Reporting to Support BC Blood Contingency Preparedness
Development of the Clinical Transfusion Resource Manual (CTRM) - 2015 Online Version 
Development and Management of Hereditary Angioedema Recommendations
2016 Quality Forum Transfusion Medicine Cross Health Authority Error Reporting Using BC PSLS
2015 NHLC iCHIP: Using Technology to Improve the Experience of Patient Self-Reporting
2015 IHI Monitoring Transfusion Reaction Activity Through Surveillance
2015 CSTM A Provincial Approach to Compliance: Health Canada Blood Regulations and British Columbia's Transfusion Medicine Services
2015 AABB Mandatory Transfusion Reaction Reporting in British Columbia: A Seven Year Review
Reducing Transfusion in Cardiac Surgery using Red Blood Cell Utilization as a Quality Indicator
2015 Quality Forum iCHIP Patient Home Module: Improving the Patient Reporting Experience through Innovative Technology
Safe Transfusion Nursing Project: Connecting to Improve Quality Patient Care
British Columbia's Technical Resource Group for Transfusion Medicine - A Provincial Quality Collaboration
2014 CSTM The Development of Clinical and Technical Neonatal Transfusion Recommendations
Inherited Coagulopathy and Hemoglobinopathy Information Portal (iCHIP): Improving Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Blood Disorders and Optimizing Factor Product Utilization
BC Intravenous Immune Globulin Neuromuscular Neurology Program
Improving Access To Transfusion Medicine Resources Through a User Friendly Website
2013 CSTM BC Intravenous Immune Globulin Neuromuscular Neurology Program
Transfusion Bits & Bytes
Transfusion Education for BC Pathologists