Immune replacement comprises the highest use of Ig in the province, consistently representing nearly half of all Ig use. Secondary immunodeficiencies account for approximately 40% of immune replacement and the growth of utilization year over year has been significant. Highlights of our analysis demonstrate increasing annual dosage, prescriber variation and a steady increase in new and chronic patients.

The SID Working Group was formed in 2020 in order to help establish a provincial framework for Ig use in SID, building on the work done by the PIDD Working Group and other international guidelines such as the Australian IG guidelines.

The SID Working Group representatives include: Dr. Bob Coupland (co-chair), Dr. Andrew Shih (co-chair), Dr. Amanda Jagdis, Dr. Persia Pourshahnazari, Dr. Maryse Power, Dr. Hien Reeves, and Dr. Alissa Wright.

The Working Group participated in the development of the SID Recommendations including Diagnostic and Treatment criteria as well as the development of the Provincial Templates for NEW and RENEWAL lg request forms.

Recommendations Dated 

SID - Indications and Diagnosis

 January 2024

SID - Ig Dose and Schedule                                                      

January 2024


Resources Dated 

SID Immunologist Referral Template

To be used as a template for TM Physicians, as appropriate. 

January 2024

SID Recommendations - TMAG Presentation 

 July 2021

SID Referenced Documents

 March 2022


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