The BC IVIg Rheumatology Program provides clinical consultation service to support physicians across the province in clinical management of adult patients (over 18) with rheumatologic conditions for which IVIg therapy is being considered. The program includes centralized screening of all IVIg requests for adult Rheumatologic conditions with the aim of providing peer-to-peer consultative support, ongoing patient evaluations, optimized utilization of IVIg use for Rheumatology indications and to improve patient care. The BC IVIg Rheumatology Program was established in 2008 with physician support provided by a provincial panel of Rheumatologists and coordination support by the BC Provincial Coordinating Office (PBCO).


  On-Call Rheumatology Consultant

August 2020

Dr. Ken Blocka

604-868-4325 (mobile)

September 2020

Dr. John Kelsall

604-817-4554 (mobile)

 The on-call Rheumatologist is available outside of office hours and on weekends.


IVIg Request How-To's for ordering physicians

New Rheumatology IVIg requests

Renewal Rheumatology IVIg requests

Rheumatology conditions list


Need IVIg approval for other conditions?  
Please contact the hospital Transfusion Medicine Services in your health authority regarding additional IVIG order process and procedures.



Contact PBCO


For more information on this program, the IVIG Rheumatology Program Evaluation Report (February 2012) is available here.