The core responsibilities and mandate of the PBCO are to:

  • Collect, compile, analyze and distribute comprehensive, accurate and timely data on the BC blood system.
  • Develop, guide and support initiatives to improve blood utilization practices in BC to minimize inappropriate use, improve patient outcomes, improve service delivery, promote efficiency and eliminate waste.
  • Develop and support the implementation of provincially coordinated, regionally managed, standards based blood transfusion safety and quality initiatives that are affordable and sustainable. 
  • Build strong collaborative working relationships and create an effective forum for the sharing of provincial optimal practices using subject matter expertise.
  • Leverage the collaboration with the Transfusion Medicine Advisory group of BC (TMAG), to provide leadership and advice to the BC Ministry of Health and the BC Health Authorities regarding transfusion medicine and blood-related issues to ensure standardized outcomes are achieved province wide.
  • Operate the Central Transfusion Registry (CTR), which tracks the use of blood and blood products in BC. The registry is vital to ensuring patient safety standards in transfusion medicine are maintained for British Columbians, facilitate donor look-back and recipient trace-back activities, and provide a retrospective data source for transfusion related risk analysis.